The picto-vlog of a girl gone horribly wrong.



In one of the cutest moments I’ve ever seen, 8 week old Pitbull puppy Clyde crawls up and snuggles with 10 week old baby Eisleigh! Their mom Brandi says that the two absolutely adore one another!

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Friends. For fucking. Life.

Also, this little video right here is proof that pit bulls aren’t evil at all. I lived with three of them, and the worst they did was stare me down for scraps of my dinner. And yeah, okay, once in a while I’d get attacked when one of them would jump up on the couch and lick my face until I couldn’t breathe. It’s all in the owners, and not in the breed.

Me: *sets out to make playlist long enough to get me through a 2-hour flight*

Me: *makes 15-hour playlist*



Shout out to that one shirt that’s fit you for like, 5 years no matter how much your body has changed

I even grew boobs and it’s like ‘whatever, I got you’.

I still wear my Mahopac Middle School Class of 1996 T-shirt on the regular. It still fucking fits. I think I’m going to be buried in it.


is everyone ignoring the fact that stiles finally made first line in lacrosse? 

This is the gif that I saw right after this post

How accurate is that right there??

That’s just too much chocolate.

no woman ever